All info on this page is presented without the use of a single line of code. Instead we choose from precoded Design Elements – but we’ll get to that in a minute: 


As you’ve seen during login already, ilmazu.com works with WordPress, and you will, in order to fill your portfolio, too. 

We choose ELEMENTOR as our Block Editor and recommend it for your page design process! ELEMENTOR is a drag and drop Block Editor that lets you design anything you want to present, very quickly and with tons of customization options! Want to learn more on Elementor? Click here for more info or watch this two minute video below to get started. 

We really recommend checking this little video, it'll save you a lot of time to invest 2 minutes now.


First thing’s first: Access the Editor: Click on Edit with Elementor in the toolbar on top of your page.

This opens your portfolio page again, but in the Editor Mode with three important additions: 

The Blocks: 

The “+” that appears on the blue border of each Block we preloaded for this intro, when moving your mouse over it. Selecting the “+” sign again opens your grid structure where you choose how many elements will be presented in this block. An Element can be a textblock, a picture, a video link or upload or any other design element you find on your left side.

The Elements: 

Directly next to the “+” you’ll find the “x” sign –  you’ll need this to delete all blocks we put here to give you this little intro and in order to clean your page and fill it with all the  info you would like to present or the Work you want to publish. After you chose which Element you would like to use in which grid structure, you’ll be able to customize it after inserting it in your page. You may choose those elements from the left and drag them where you would like to drop them.  When inserted, the element is ready to be customized and personalized with your info. 

The Templates:  

While we recommend using Elementor and WordPress Standard Widgets in order to fully experience the freedom of all customization options, we also offer templates we predesigned for a faster workflow. Instead of clicking the “+” sign a second time, you may also search for a fully designed page with several blocks as a template for your design process. Access our template library via the grey folder, insert one and start to customize it after it loaded.

That’s about it, play around as long as you want, and remember nothing you update or publish is online und public after the first time you access the editor.  

All publication of Portfolios is conducted after the Artists consent has been given. You may give your consent after we get back to you when we see that you edited your portfolio. 

You may also notify us via the Whatsapp Group for Featured Artists or on Instagram via DM @ilmazu_com.