MAX UND MORITZ Vinyl by MC SMOOK & JUICY SÜSS / Exclusive Vinyl Edition #4

“MAX UND MORITZ” by MC SMOOK & JUICY SÜSS pressed on a 140 gramm 2 Side Maxi Vinyl with a combined playtime of 35 minutes  –  available for preorder starting 20. of September. Only on ILMAZU.COM – the platform for creativity.



The first collaboration of two underground legends from Germany in a full album format is available as a Maxi LP featuring their new release MAX UND MORITZ with a combined play time of 35 minutes.

Preorder start: 20th of September

Delivery Starts on January 1st, 2023 – due to disruption in global shipping logistics the delivery date may be postponed slightly – you will be notified by our customer service with a 3 weeks notice in that case.



  1. DEUTSCHE MAX UND MORITZ (prod. by fay x mrbx x chief chiko)
  2. SWAG MOB (prod. by fay x mrbx)
  3. BERLIN (prod. by fay x mrbx)
  4. UNIVERSAL SIGN (prod. by fay x mrbx)
  5. GRILL ROYAL (prod. by fay x mrbx)


  1. WALK OF SHAME (prod. by fay x mrbx)
  2. SOLD/ SELL OUT (prod. by fay x mrbx x vanta x lorenz & urbach)
  3. VORSCHUSSMONEY (prod. by fay x mrbx x philchef)
  4. FALK HAT GESAGT (prod. by fay x mrbx x lorenz & urbach)
  5. AFTERN (prod. by mrbx x vanta)

LIMITED EDITION – First come, first served – Orders are limited to 2 per purchase.

Available only on – the platform for creativity.


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