Why did we build


“Being a part of the creative industry without being an Artist means either working with and for the Artist, or working against the Artist.”


ilmazu.com was founded in 2018, mainly because its creator has been sick and tired of being sick and tired of other platforms’ lack of social responsibility and the enormous power and impact they have on individual perception which they deny by ignoring this fact for their profit.


When Artists or other Entities start to build up a solid following and an audience for their Work, they are forced to pay to address their base. We don’t think that any platform build up on that principle can have  a sustainable strategy to build an environment for and with Artists, where they can grow and connect to their conditions, with no restrictions.   


Founder Oktay Yilmaz was initially looking for a new way to showcase his own work, when he realized that more friends in his creative environment needed a service that works for them, not against them. That’s why he started turning ilmazu.com, then a personal blog, to a showroom and a platform for every individual, who works on a creative expression.

Three years, four exhibitions, 25 Exclusive Print Editions and three garment collections later, ilmazu.com today is the platform for Artists, Musicians, Designers and Photographers who rather focus on their work and their fans, than on numbers. 

on a more personal level:

Who we are:

see who is in charge of what in our team:

Nina Schmidt

Currently residing in Hamburg, while working on her MBA, she helps us finding and developing new business and marketing strategies. A frequent visitor to exhibitions herself, too, she also scouts locations for our future exhibitions in Hamburg.

Philipp beck

When we obeyed to the fact that a website alone is not enough we luckily got in touch with Philipp. He is in his master degrees’ final stage and was in charge of Development Teams before, too. He is our functional brain behind our upcoming app and in charge of the code behind it. 


After finishing his education in the field of Event management and working for several booking agencies, he decided that there was more to achieve than planning for others. That’s why he, given the chance to bring in his own ideas, decided to support us in planning and developing new event experiences for and with our featured Artists. 

katharina roegner

Besides working in the field of human-computer interaction and studying on her masters, she helps us shaping the future when it comes to product vision, design and process planning. Passionate about art herself, you can meet her at any other relevant event.

oktay yilmaz

After looking for a new way to present his own work in a free, creative and inspiring environment without the obligation of unsolicited ad consumption, he started this project in 2017 as a personal blog and turned it into a platform for all creatives in 2018.

what we do for artists

our service:


Create, edit and customize your [MY]ZU Artist Page to showcase your work, tell your story and connect all online presences you already established in one place, for free.



Since we learned that nothing really comes to life unless it is live, we offer featured artists the opportunity to host exhibitions for them, for free.