what all artists wanted to know before signing up:

If you may have any further questions feel free to contact us at anytime via mail to: artist@ilmazu.com


Of course not. ILMAZU.COM is no stock photo platform or in any other way interested in fucking you over. Your work, displayed, distributed and sold to your conditions. Read more about this in our terms & conditions.

As we stated this service is free for everyone publishing their work via our platform, but not for customers who buy your products. Every product sold via our store holds a certain percentage for the platform. 

When we said your conditions, we meant that. Pricing works according to your conditions, too. ARTISTS tell us the price of their work, we add our percentage and offer the handling of transactions and shipping via our store.

Artists work with us on a non contractual basis. No paperwork for you if you want to create your page.

Artists willing to sell via our store will have to sign an agreement regarding the pricing, shipping and handling orders. We can not change this since its legally required in the E.U.. 

Logging in, creating and publishing your page are depending on the approval status of your account, since each status comes with various capabilities. You will get walked through this process via our [MY]ZU area, but in the end it is all up to you. 

No one has access to edit your page or the content you uploaded but did not publish yet, except for yourself and the admins. 

OK fine, but how do I get to create my page?


Create your [MY]ZU account to gain full power over all aspects of presenting your work. Once we approved your registration, your account comes with a template page and some useful tips & tricks to edit and publish your portfolio.

After logging in you will be directed to your [MY]ZU Area. Look up your name and click edit with elementor when you found it, and you are ready to go. For further instructions on how to edit your page please visit our how to edit page under [MY]ZU, available to logged in users only.

Once you finished the editing process, you simply click on submit on the editor, and if it is your first time, we will review your page before publishing.

If it is not your first time you simply live update it automatically this way.

Create your Account:

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