Hey there!

My name is Valentin also known under the pseudonyme ‚vaelen‘.

My artistname is derived from the pronunciation of the name Valentin [ˈvalənˌtīn] in english with and additional ‚e‘, which I found under my carpet.

Im currently living in Germany, Ratisbona (You probably should visit this town because its nice)


Why the heck Im making music?

I always had that deep connection with musical artwork and it was always a dream of mine to make and play my music one day so I started that journey in March of 2020 during the first Coronaviruslockdown in Germany because that was probably the best time to start.

At first I grabbed a copy of FL Studio and got in touch with the process etc. but after a a few months I struggeled with my workflow and I was always watching tutorials with Ableton so I switched and I never went back. After some time practicing my DAW and some plugins I was finally able to make something close to music and then I went on.


Release #003 | Vaelen – Protein [Original Mix]

The track is called Protein because of an element in the mix sounding like the word protein.

This element is not a sample as you may think instead its a patch in Serum I made with the hybridize feature by accident. Then I tweaked the synth a bit and out came a voice like sound similar to a women saying protein in an sound altered way.

So then I just called the track after this. Easy game.

This track also went under hard changes just before submitting it to the platforms. In the second drop there was a different synth in the beginning but after hours of mixing and in the process of mastering I became bored by its repetitiveness and then I made an other, more exciting synth in Pigments.

And out came this so have fun listening!

Release #002 | Vaelen – Glare [Original Mix]

This track is a bit more melodic and also calmer in nature with a touch of spacy vibes.

Probably one of the fastest tracks I have ever written but the mixing stage was a pain in the ass because I had troubles with dynamics etc. but im proud that its finished now and I did it all by myself!

What do I learn from this? I need to focus more on workflow and less distraction… Also avoid bringing out perfectionism in the creative stage because it fucks things up quickly when you try to tune your synths for 5 hours.

Thanks for supporting!

Vaelen – Dom [Original Mix]

Im very proud to release my first track called ‚Dom‘ on nearly all streaming platforms.

The tracks name comes from the Regensburger Dom. Probably Regensburg biggest symbol. For the picture I went out with my camera at night to take the shot. A bit digital noise and a monochromatic filter and the artwork was ready.

So this is #001 and there will be many more to come in the future!

Contact on:

Electronic music handmade in Regensburg, Germany.