welcome to ntr studios.

i remember sitting at my mum’s old mechanical sewing machine. i must have been around five or six years old. my legs weren’t even long enough to reach the wood pedal. for my tiny right arm it was basically a full workout, as i would always turn the wheel by hand.

one of the first pieces of clothing i ever made was basically an ‘upcycle’. i made a denim skirt from scrap pieces i cut out of my parents old jeans. kind of crazy to look back on it, as it’s kind of what i do now, fifteen years later.

sewing for myself for basically all my life, i’ve used mostly handmedown material and very rarely bought any fabric new. today, still, i try to use secondhand clothing or other textiles and create something new and exciting. taking an old garment and transform it into a completely different piece is like a fun challenge.

ntr studios is about combining design and craftmanship with sustainability and thought. made of only secondhand textiles, the pieces hold the aspect of buying consciously and mix it with contemporary design and style.

reworked vintage blouse

crochet top made from wool scraps
combined with resized vintage replay pants

bodycondress with back detail made from secondhand material

cordoroy romper made from old men's xxl pants and vintage buttons

satin blouse with back detail made from lining of vintage kimono