I like it. Makes me feel good. I guess. Yes, I like it. You know. Gives me this warm feeling inside. Inside my heart area. You know. Or I think I feel in this area. I guess. Anyway. Just makes me feel warm and good. You know this feeling? Warm and good? In your heart area? I guess you do. Yes, I like it.


So you do know this feeling! I knew it. Yes of course you do. It feels awesome. What else should I say about it. Especially now. Knowing you know it. Like, come on. Nothing else to say about it. I mean, one is like the other. We both like it. Yes. We both do. Maybe it’s just like this. Yes, we like it. 


What about them? I know they’re not really talking to us, but maybe they feel the same. And maybe they like it. Like we do. You know. What? What are you telling me? No! Can’t be true. You think we all feel the same? So you think everyone likes it? So: Yes, everyone likes it. Warm and good.

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It’s photography. 


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