About bWy:

Known for his unique trap production and creative vocals, 21y/o Producer & Rapper bWy from 931 Germany is bound to break through. The german independent artist has constantly been releasing music since 2017, with no end in sight. Although he started out as a producer working with other emerging artists, bWy has proven himself to be a natural on the mic. His unique style & creative energy combined with great work ethics enabled him to attract a small, loyal fanbase rather quickly. Unbothered by current trends or the german rap scene, bWy is staying true to himself, looking to inspire people all around the world & to bring back spirituality.

about me


Hey, i’m bWy the Fire Prince

Creativity has always been a part of my life

It’s the fire inside my chest that I want to carry around the world 

I’m huge on spirituality, freedom & changing the world for a better future, i want to inspire people all around the world to start living their best life


Vibrant Colors for a Starving Mind is bWy's upcoming second album, a record about finding yourself and trying to change the world

TAKEOVER is bWy's first album. The project speaks to everyone with ambition to do something with their life. It's an inspiration to do what you love

Leb im Loop to this date is one of bWy's most successful singles. This german track is about realizing and breaking out of ones loop